Alternative Treatments For Cancer

Alternative Treatments for Cancer

After researching about alternative treatments for cancer, it is shocking to have read that it is twice the chances of death.

Over Double as Likely to Pass Away

According to Skylar Johnson and his team, 560 people underwent conventional treatment, which was done based on race, age, and disease. This was compared to people that used alternative treatment. Regardless of what type of cancer is present, conventional treatment has a higher percentage to help people live longer than alternative treatments. For example, people that have colorectal cancer and is using an alternative method, 33 percent will live the next five years. People using the conventional method will have 79 percent of people living. People with breast cancer that was taking alternative treatments were 5.68 times expected to pass away within five years. At the same time, 41 per cent of those getting conventional treatment for lung cancer lived for approximately five years, only 20 per cent of those who withdraw such remedies did.

More Information on Alternative and Convetion Therapies

People that chooses alternative treatments will put their lives at a higher risk. Conventional treatment are better options than alternative treatments. Coventional treatments involve chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery. Some people have chosen alternative therapies that include herbs, botanicals, homeopathy, special diets or energy crystals (healing stone). None of these therapies prove to be the result of death for people that have tried them.

Secondary Treatment

Skylar Johnson indicates that many people survived using an alternative treatment because they switched to conventional therapies. In addition, alternative treatments are used by people that are wealthy and knowledgeable. Medical insurance does not cover uncertain treatments in the United States. Herbs and diet is one of the many alternative treatments that are used by people. Not only is it used by people, but it is expensive.

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